Wingback chairs

Easy Navigation, names and price
To view all, click on the 1st image and use the navigation arrows on the bottom of the slider. The name and price of each wingback is on the slides.
Dimensions are available on request. All leather products are full Leather. Price as indicated is on Semi Corrected and Corrected Grain only. An additional R500 per chair might be added if its in Full grain or exotic leather.
Click here and send your request.
TAKE NOTE: The average wingback requires 3.5m to 5m fabric and in Leather 8 to 10m leather


King James Wingback
Queen Anne Wingback
Churchill wingback Chair
Camilla Wingback
Wilson Wingback
Tracey Wingback
Sherlock Wingback
Chatherine Wingback
Alta Wingback
Abraham Wingback
William Wingback
Uberheim Wingback
Nielson Wingback
Nicolle Wingback
Naka Wingback
Miss_Lillian Wingback
Michelle Wingback
Leopoldt Wingback
Leeann Wingback

Alnold Wingback
Agatha Wingback

Prince Edward Wingback
King George Genuine leather chair
Prince Andrew Wingback
Princess Stephanie Wing-back
Princess Stephanie Wing-back
Napoleon Wing-back

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