Re-upholstery and repair

Does your sofa need repairing?

Your sofas is 10 to 15 years old, the fabric was nibbled on by the dog, You raise your children on it and most of the cushions sits flat. Worst of all the fabric is most probable way out of fashion. There are two basic choices here. Buy a brand new set and take the old one to the nearest Hospice or reupholster your old set. We at BORN promise that your old set would be better than when you bought it new... READ FURTHER...

Repair or buy New

Leather repair

Does your sofa need repairing? Your sofas is 10 to 15 years old, the fabric was nibbled on by the …

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How much Fabric do you need?


Many people ask  approximately how many meters of fabric is needed for reupholstering furniture. Below some illustrations on which areas …

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Zambesi Buffed 100% Leather

Besa Edenvale 5a Small

Besa’s one sofa was on the stoop outside and the other in the house. After we reupholstered these to couches …

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European style to True Africa

Nguni Skin reupholstered Sofa

a true European style sofa now in 100% Nguni skin. Soren Nielsen brought the sofa with him from Denmark. He …

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Unmatched excellence of craftsmanship

1At Born Furniture we attempt to uphold an unmatched excellence of craftsmanship for an reasonable price. We view the concept of upholding and rebuilding the beauty of your furniture as an art and handle every piece as if it were our own, which is why we can pledge to our customers a quality completed product.

In order to achieve a quality job, we cautiously examine each piece of furniture to select the best possible process for returning its natural beauty. Most re-upholstery service providers simply add to the old finish on your furniture’s surface trying to cover up damages on your furniture. Instead of trying to cover-up the impairment, Born Furniture will repair the wood itself by removing any old or damaged finish and renovating the natural beauty of the wood.

Unfortunately, many do-it-yourself furniture owners are unaware of some vital steps in the refinishing practice, which can leave undesirable results. To do away with old finish can be a near impossible task without the proper equipment and knowledge. Once the challenging task of removing the old finish is accomplished, the sanding process can begin. At Born Furniture we view sanding as one of the most important steps in refinishing furniture. We do most of our sanding by hand to prevent the swirl marks and irregular sanding patterns that electric sanders leave behind. Lastly, finishes that are applied in a garage or outdoors can be rough and uneven. At Born Furniture, all of our finishes are sprayed in a proper spray booth to prevent dust or other containment’s from getting into the finish. We guarantee a flawlessly smooth finish every time.

In addition to using professional stripping and spray equipment, at Born Furniture we always use the highest quality equipment and materials. We only use top of the range stains, which penetrate the wood’s surface and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. These stains do not fade or break down over time like other stains, giving a lifetime of prettiness to your furniture. Applying this type of stain is an art that takes many years of practice which is why very few, if any, companies will use this type of stain. We also use the highest quality sealer and lacquer on your furniture. Furniture manufactures and most refinishing companies use nitrocellulose type lacquers, the most common type of lacquer which is susceptible to water rings or fading of colour.  At Born Furniture we only use the very best catalysed lacquer. This type of lacquer will never fade, is extremely scratch resistant, non-toxic, and water resistant, so you never have to worry about searching for a coaster!

Born Furniture is committed to provide the highest quality of service and craftsmanship. We pledge that you will be satisfied with your furniture and will always attempt to provide better pricing than our competitors. Aside from complete reupholster and refinishing, we provide all other types of furniture services. We rate all of our customers and offer the best customer service possible.

List of services

2Complete Furniture Re-upholstery and Refinishing service

  • Repairs (broken furniture, moving damage, water damage, fire damage etc.)
  • Strip and replace old fabric with new modern style fabric or leather.
  • Dining room set refurbishing and repair
  • Restyling and reupholster of your old lounge sets, antique furniture and office furniture.
  • Full restaurant re-upholstering service
  • Full corporate re-upholstering pages available.
  • Government Packages
  • A full Motor trimmings service (Bus, Boats and cars).
  • Insurance claims
Reupholstered in 100% Genuine buffed leatherReupholstered in 100% genuine Nguni skinBuffalo leather reupholsteryVictorian style to be refurbish100% Genuine leather100% genuine butterscots full grain leatherRestoration of antique wooden chairCabinet restorationBroken arm and wood refurbishedReupholstered in Tan pull-up leather

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