The Vintage 1930 Chesterfield

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The Vintage Chesterfield (1930')
The Vintage Chesterfield (1930′) is build on the old traditional ways of frame making. Solid wood and screws.

The Vintage Chesterfield (1930′) comes with a heritage frame and is upholstered in 100% genuine leather. Most popular in full grain BORN Sunset brown leather and lately in Antiques leathers produced by Hannitan leather in South Africa.

The Vintage Chesterfield (1930′)set consist of a 3 division, 2 division and a 1 division, either with bronze studs or silver studs. The Vintage Chesterfield (1930′) comes with wooden legs or bronze casters. The Vintage Chesterfield (1930′) is also available in a corner unit.

The price below represent the specific dimensions. Any of the dimensions can be adjusted to serve your space better.

The leather in the images is Born Beautiful sunset brown 100% genuine Leather. In Stock. (Includes Authentication letter)

Price and Dimensions
Dimensions PRICE
Specs Width Seat depth Seat height Back height 100% Leather excl. VAT 100% Leather incl. VAT
Full set See 3+2+1 600mm 450mm 880mm R70,611.60 R74,239.65
3 Div 2300mm 600mm 450mm 880mm R29,811.00 R30,153.00
2 Div 2000mm 600mm 450mm 880mm R27,531.00 R28,329.00
1 Div 1200mm 600mm 450mm 880mm R16,986.00  R18,525.00
3 + 3 Set 3200mmx3200mm 600mm 450mm 880mm R76,209.00 R89,661.00
3 + 2 Set 3200mmx2900mm 600mm 450mm 880mm R73,245.00  R82,251.00
2 + 2 Set 2900mmx2900mm 600mm 450mm 800mm R65,151.00  R77,805.00
| *Subjected to Fabric price | ** Fabric subjected to Fabric house price and Quality | Any dimensions can be altered on request |


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