The Willborough Chesterfield

The Willborough Chesterfield set is named after Willborough, a village in the North East district of England. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 684. The village is about thirty three miles north-west of Chesterfield.

The set is upholstered in Zambesi Stonewash real leather by Hannitan Leather. The Set also comes in various leather colours. This classic chesterfield set incorporates Elegance and style in a old traditional way. Individual cushions add to the traditional nature of this design, as do the “Washington” type feet.

The price below represent the specific dimensions. Any of the dimensions can be adjusted to serve your space better.

Price and Dimensions
SeatsWidthSeat depthSeat heightBack height100% LeatherHertex Fabric
Full setSee 3+2+1600mm480mm830mmR48 600.00R44 450.00
42800mm600mm480mm830mmR26 500.00R24 450.00
32200mm600mm480mm830mmR22 500.00R20 450.00
21800mm600mm480mm830mmR2o 850.00R18 450.00
11200mm600mm480mm830mmR12 500.00R10 450.00
Corner Unit sets
3 + 3 Set3200mmx3200mm650mm450mm800mmR52 720.00R45 450.00
3 + 2 Set3200mmx2900mm650mm450mm800mmR45 250.00R41 500.00
2 + 2 Set2900mmx2900mm650mm450mm800mmR41 550.00R38 250.00
| *Subjected to Fabric price | ** Fabric subjected to Fabric house price and Quality | Any dimensions can be altered on request |